Sports Mouthguard
Size : Senior (Adult) & Junior (Youth)
Specification : Tether (Convertible Tether/Strap) and Tetherless (Strapless)
Color : White / Blue & White / Red & Black / Orange
Application : A two different material combinative mouthguard (mouthpiece) can be moldable after boiling .
Material : FDA food grade safe and durable plastic raw material, latex free.
Made in Taiwan, CE approval
  • Excellent mouthguard.
  • Dual density rubber frame provides better shock and top protection.
  • Breathing channels for increasing oxygen intakes.
  • Protrudent area prevents movement & stability while clenched.
  • Six dots are an attractive design, easily get attention.
  • Gel liner can be custom molded the teeth for tight and comfortable fit after boiling and bite.
Size : Senior (Adult)
Specification : Tether ( Convertible Tether / Strap) / Tetherless (Strapless)
Color : Orange / White / Gray & Orange / Black / Gray& Orange / CLEAR/ CLEAR
Application : A multi-layer mouthguard (mouthpiece) can be moldable after boiling and is designed for all contact sports .
Material : FDA food grade approved material, latex free
Country of Origin: Taiwan, CE Certification
  • Ensuring better absorption with every impact.
  • Triple layer construction with an internal shock-absorption.
  • High impact rubber shock frame (outer layer) offers maximum protection for teeth, jaw and brain.
  • The wave design of internal support (cushion middle layer) absorbs impact (shock resistance) and provides extra protection to the upper and lower jaws.
  • Gel-Fit Liner (inner layer) provides a soft, tight and comfortable fit between the teeth and mouthguard.
Size : Senior (Adult) & Junior (Youth)
Specification:Tether / Strap without teeth printed ( NOT convertible tether / strap) / (Strapless) with teeth printed.
Color : White / Clear / Black
Application : A boilable and moldable single layer mouthguard (mouthpiece) is designed for all contact sports. Material : FDA approved, Passed all safety grades.
Manufactured in Taiwan, CE Certification
  • Basic style mouthguard for the sport freshman.
  • The channels are designed to provide unobstructed air flow.
  • Boil and bite to let you customize the mouthguard for protection and comfortable fit to the upper row of teeth.
  • The four protrudent surfaces strengthen grinding.