We are a professional design and manufacturing company in Taiwan that makes sporting related products. Our concept is to create safe and comfortable sporting. Our materials are carefully chosen and tested for quality and safety via third party certified organization in order to prevent athletes from getting injured during sporting. Our mission is to continually pursuit product innovation for every athlete in the world. Being one of the members of the Earth, we also take environmental issues very seriously.

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Sports Mouthguard

Based on 20 years of experience and producing more than 10 different designs and over 10 million pieces of mouthguard, ErgoGuard & USport does not ever compromise product safety and comfort. Every model will have to go through multiple revisions and improvements before reaching our high standards.

Selecting durable and non-additive materials are always our priority and therefore we use FDA approved food-safe plastic raw material for the mouthguard. Our factory is an ISO9001 and GMP certified and our product quality standards are tested by trusted third party companies to ensure safety and protection.

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Mouthguard Box

ErgoGuard mouthguard box combines power with beauty to create a harmonious contrast between opaque lid and clear base. We not only care about the external appearance but also focus on non-toxic material which are tested and approved.

The design has went through and passed the UL drop test, latch test, air flow and various other tests to ensure safety and top quality. Special fixture design holds the tether securely inside the case.

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Hand Wrap

We truly believe that details are usually ignored in these common products. ErgoGuard Hand Wrap is designed to be thicker and with more thread counts.

The material is more durable and highly elastic to provide more comfort as well as protection.

The elastic band at the thumb can be used to bind the wrap together for storage when not in use.

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Electronic Whistle

ErgoGuard Electronic Whistle is a break through design with high tech sound control that creates the sound of whistle, telephone ring tone or other voice signals. By using the built-in amplifier the sound is loud and distinguishable, even in noisy environments. The hand operation of ErgoGuard Electronic Whistle offers improved hygiene and is perfect for referees during the game. The sounds of ErgoGuard Electronic Whistle can be aimed in specific direction and is perfect for kids and ladies.

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USPORT Sport Mouthguard


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E-mail: info@ergo-guard.com

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